LoopKiosk is an efficient and affordable entry management system that offers a seamless integration with Inerva. This reduces on visitor-related administration and streamlines payroll processing by syncing staff clock-on and clock-off times with Inerva’s timesheet.


PM Aged Care provides exceptional residential and respite care for a close- knit community at a village-style setting in Brisbane. The facility is a single-level residence with 51 rooms.

PM Aged Care needed a digital entry solution to try to eliminate paper-based forms while simplifying the visitor check-in process. When the team started looking for a solution, they had different forms for each type of visitor (such as family members or contractors) and required a staff member to be present to assist each person with completion. It caused a huge amount of clutter and became a priority during the outbreak of COVID-19, when compliance became much more complicated and time-consuming.


“Compliance, particularly in aged care, is quite strict,” says George Kallinicos, Finance Manager at PM Aged Care. “You always have to know who is on the premises from a safety point of view. An offshoot of that is also managing COVID-related infection risks: checking temperatures, conducting questionnaires, confirming proof of vaccination, trying to streamline that process and just save time.”

“We wanted to try and eliminate paper-based forms. It became too cumbersome from a sign-in/sign-out point of view. Your desk gets way too cluttered and then you have to figure out a way to store it all. This was quite a straightforward system; you set it up and then off you go. It was quite streamlined.”

George Kallinicos, Finance Manager, PM Aged Care


The team needed an electronic system that could securely store data in digital files that could be easily accessed and sorted in the event of an outbreak. A key requirement was integrating elements such as staff time and attendance with Inerva, which is a complete accounting, human resources, and administration software system for aged care.

PM Aged Care also needed a system that could:

  • Automatically take attendance for people entering the facility
  • Accurately record body temperature and alert staff if a high number is detected
  • Automatically sync staff clock-on and off times to the Inerva timesheet for payroll processing
  • Easily manage entry requirements for different people, such as visitors, contractors and staff
  • Guide people through compliance- related screening questions
  • Have a simple and user-friendly display suitable for all ages and abilities
  • Operate efficiently with minimal supervision from on-site staff

“LoopKiosk saves staff time and it means they don’t have to remember to sign-in and sign-out,” says George. “It’s also more accurate for us from a payroll perspective to see who is coming in early, leaving late, and why they’re doing overtime. Electronic systems are becoming more common and I thought it was a great idea. This system was simple to set up and it cost significantly less than other providers.”


LoopSafe is a Melbourne-based technology company that provides smart entry-management solutions that make it simpler, quicker, and more efficient for organisations to uphold their duty of care and get on with the job. LoopKiosk Thermal allows aged care residents, staff members, visitors, and contractors to digitally sign themselves in and out without having to touch anything or complete any paper forms. 

This is an Australian born and globally patented product with an all-in-one hardware and software solution. LoopKiosk can integrate with an organisation’s pre-existing software to create a seamless user experience, helping them provide a high standard of care while saving countless hours of work so they can focus on higher-impact tasks. It’s simple for organisations of all sizes to operate. 

LoopKiosk works with a simple five-step process: 

  1. LoopSafe’s proprietary Face ID technology authenticates all people signing in and out. 
  2. The TGA-approved sensor accurately measures body temperature (ARTG ID: 376450). 
  3. Users are guided through a series of customisable screening questions. 
  4. LoopKiosk automatically checks and validates key documents, such as vaccine certificates. 
  5. If the user passes the checks, access is granted. If not, designated staff members are automatically notified via an email or SMS alert so they can provide assistance.  

“LoopSafe is now in more than 150 aged care centres across Australia, as well as other sectors that need entry-management solutions like warehouses and offices,” says Zoe Milne, LoopSafe Co-Founder and Director. “LoopSafe was designed specifically for the needs of aged care and education providers which both have a very strong focus on duty of care and compliance. It sets a very high bar.” 


PM Aged Care was the first LoopSafe customer to request an API integration between the LoopKiosk and Inerva software systems. This greenfield integration took only about eight weeks for the two teams deliver an off-the-shelf integration license which was very straightforward to activate.  

 “It was easy and we didn’t come across anything we got stuck on,” says George. “Someone has always been around. The LoopSafe customer success team has been quite responsive and Zoe (LoopSafe co-founder) always jumps in and helps out when that’s needed. Overall, I have to say it’s been great.” 


The PM Aged Care team transitioned successfully to an electronic system and has found the process to be smooth. LoopKiosk Thermal has dramatically reduced the amount of paperwork stored on site and requires considerably less supervision from the team. PM Aged Care’s Registered Nurse also now carries a designated phone for automated SMS alerts from LoopKiosk devices in case someone records a high temperature on sign-in, or is denied access for any reason, so they can manage risk at the front door. 

“It’s hard to quantify, but I know LoopLearn has saved visitor time, family member time, staff time. Time and printing have been the two big cost savings for us. If people use it once, generally speaking, they’ll be able to use it again – whether that’s (during) business hours or after hours,” says George. 

He says integrating LoopSafe with Inerva has also delivered additional business efficiencies 

“It’s worth looking at the systems you have in place and looking at what can be replaced by this. I hated having systems that were all separate – having to import all my staff into five different systems. For us, the big one was payroll with Inerva. It saves us time because they can communicate with each other.” 

Want to learn more about how LoopKiosk can improve the efficiency of your sign-in process and integrate with your other business systems? Visit www.loopsafe.net or email info@loopsafe.net.