Made for organisations that want to provide the highest standard of care to their community with efficient, effective and secure technology.
LoopSafe has been designed to help organisations deliver their duty of care to their communities, by simply supporting them to accurately and automatically know who is on private premises – without invading any persons privacy.

The LoopSafe system has been built in consultation with schools and aged care providers to automate previously manual processes, creating a world first technology solution to help organisations provide a new high standard of care for their communities, while saving countless hours of work for staff who can focus on higher impact tasks.

LoopSafe’s technology is Australian born and globally patented. It uses advanced AI and is unlike any other identification technology currently available in terms of its focus on privacy and security.
The LoopSafe system consists of its own hardware and software, providing an integrated and secure technology solution that is simple for organisations to install and operate.
Allows an organisations members, staff, visitors and contractors to quickly and easily sign themselves in and out, without having to physically touch anything.

Temperature Sensor

Medical grade sensor that accurately records body temperature
ARTG ID: 376450

Auto-Attendance Taking

Fast, hands-free attendance taking for people logging in to an event, building or specific area

Unlimited Visitor/Contractor Types

Easily manage differing requirements and processes for all types of visitors and contractors at your organisation

Screening Questions

Create your own screening questions and apply them to different visitor types, staff and members.

Face Identification

LoopSafe’s proprietary Face ID technology is fast, accurate and secure – enabling hands-free processes.

Customisable Display

Apply your organisation’s branding to the LoopKiosk and use it as a display board to show any messages or images.

Name Badge Printing

Easily check that all visitors have signed in correctly by printing a configurable name badge after sign-in.

Automated Notifications

Immediate on-screen alerts if a person doesn’t meet all requirements to sign in, has a high temperature*, or is exceeding visitor limits.
(*TGA certified. ARTG ID:376450.)

The LoopKiosk allows an organisation’s members, staff, visitors and contractors to quickly and easily sign themselves in and out of premises with powerful software processes to ensure all requirements for each person is automatically checked. The LoopKiosk automates previously manual processes, returning valuable time to an organisations staff members.

LoopSafe’s proprietary technology accurately identifies people in real-time through face identification. Its TGA certified medical-grade temperature sensor feature checks that each persons body temperature is in a safe range and its contactless sign-in helps to reduce the spread of germs.

Through LoopKiosk, what used to be done manually is now automated – ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and a new high standard of health and safety for all organisations that have people coming and going for their premises.
All customers get their own LoopSafe web console to easily configure the LoopSafe system and see real-time attendance information and sign-in logs. It’s the all-in-one, easy-to-use platform to manage all devices and configure your system, no technical expertise required.
Real-time ReportingView all contact, attendance and sign-in logs from the easy to use web console.IntegrationsTalk to us about integrating timesheets, attendance information, and calendar bookings to your organisation's other systems.Visitor Scheduling and LimitsAutomate the management of total person limits in your building, or the number of visitors a person can receive.Documents ManagerKeep compliance documents for contacts in your secure, private storage environment via LoopSafe, and automate notifications if any required documents are missing or out of date.
Available for Pre-Order
Automated attendance taking to suit all rooms in your organisation.

Automated Attendance Log

Person, room and time. Perfect to automate roll call, ensure people per location limits are met, or for contact tracing.

True Automation

Passive and can be ignored by people as they move about your organisation.

All Rooms

Accurately captures attendance of people in a range up to 10m x 10m, making the LoopSensor suitable for a broad range of rooms.

Detect Strangers

Alert staff if a stranger is detected on your premises.

Privacy Ensured

No video recorded. True innovation to ensure every person’s privacy.
Privacy & Security
LoopSafe has received acknowledgement and support from government and technology leaders for its innovation in developing a new high standard of privacy embedded into it’s AI and facial recognition technology.

LoopSafe’s proprietary technology presents a world first in ensuring an organisation can confidently use LoopSafe solutions without risking a person’s private biometric data, and with no video or images being permanently saved.

LoopSafe is a leader and advocate for supporting organisations that have a duty of care for others to excel in their care delivery with advanced and impactful technology. Providing supervision is a critical part of that care in many organisations, such as students at school or residents in an aged care home. This includes ensuring that no strangers are on these premises.

Developing ways to support organisations such as these, and ensuring that their community members have no risk to their privacy being breached, is the driving force of LoopSafe’s innovation and focus.

For EducationFor Care ProvidersFor BusinessFor Education
For Care Providers
For Business
For Education
Great education organisations provide campuses that their communities feel safe in and trust. LoopSafe helps education providers know who is on campus at all times, be confident that all people are authorised and safe to be there, and have an efficient system that alerts nominated staff if a person is at risk.
For Care Providers
Making it simpler, quicker, and more efficient for organisations to ensure the health and safety of those in their care.
For Business
Helping businesses to meet the evolving requirements on workplace health and safety, simply and efficiently.