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Technology Partners are key extensions of the LoopSafe team and services. Together, we innovate to meet customer needs and make powerful integrations that allow customers to maximise investments on other intelligent systems. We’re excited to collaborate with partners whose strategy and goals complement ours and who are invested in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

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Utilising the integrated LoopSafe Platform, school administrators are able to see student and staff attendance infromation populated in their Student Information System. This allows for a single system to be used for all Sign In and Sign Out processes at a school, whether the individual is a student, visitor, contractor or staff member.
Entity sync ensures that LoopSafe is always accurate and up to date with current student and staff lists directly from the School Management System.
Aged Care

When integrated with an Aged Care Management System, LoopSafe can input clock on and clock off times to staff timesheets, along with syncing staff and resident entities. No longer is there the need for dual sign-in systems for staff, LoopSafe becomes the singular biometric sign-in solution for staff clock on as well as completing all entry check requirements for staff and visitors.
Residents can be synced to the LoopSafe system to enable seamless sign-out/in management for these individuals, as well as including them as host options in the LoopSafe system to make activating and managing LoopSafe’s resident visitor limits functionality a breeze.

Connect LoopKiosks to your Access Control system to ensure each person opening a door or activating a key card is authenticated and passes all entry screening requirements to come onsite, including temperature readings and declaration questions.
Entity sync ensures that employees, contractors, members, and visitors who are authorised to access your buildings are synced to LoopSafe with the appropriate entry screening criteria applied to them. If they fail to pass all sign-in screening requirements each day they come on-site, the access control system will not activate their key card or unlock the corresponding door, ensuring the highest level of safety and security for your organisation.

LoopSafes powerful alert and communication capabilities allow for SMS to be sent directly from within the LoopSafe software. Messages can be sent to any number of contacts as an automated response to a range of events, including if a high temperature is detected, if a visitor is past their due departure time, or if a staff member or contactor fails an entry screening question.
Automated SMS notifications from the LoopSafe system ensure that staff can have confidence that all people coming on-site will be authenticated and pass all set entry requirements via the LoopKiosk devices, and that they will be notified immediately if required, removing the need for staff to be monitoring entry points 24/7.

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