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Helping organisations to meet the evolving requirements on workplace health and safety, simply and efficiently.
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Great organisations provide workplaces that their employees and visitors feel safe in and trust. LoopSafe helps organisations know who is on their premises at all times, be confident that all people are authorised and safe to be there, and have an efficient system that alerts nominated staff if a person is at risk.
The LoopKiosk allows your employees, contractors and visitors to quickly and easily sign in and out of your premises. LoopSafe’s Face ID provides a seamless and secure experience for all users of the system and allows the organisation to implement best practice staff clock-on and visitor management procedures with ease.
The built-in body temperature sensor ensures that any person with a fever is prevented from signing in, and nominated staff are automatically notified immediately. These automated alerts ensure appropriate steps can be taken to maintain the health and wellbeing of all people on your premises.
LoopSafe is designed to help organisations meet the evolving needs of people management on private premises.

Document & Requirements Manager

Automatically prevent contractors or visitors from signing in if requirements aren’t met.

People On-Site Limits

Ensure safe social distancing requirements are adhered to by preventing sign-in’s if total people on site limits are exceeded.

Screening Questions

Apply screening questions to the sign-in workflow, with automated notifications to the person and staff members if an answer submitted does not pass.

Temperature Sensor

LoopSafe’s infrared thermal technology* provides fast, accurate temperature readings of all people that sign-in to your premises.
*ARTG ID: 376450

Face ID

LoopSafe’s proprietary Face ID provides accurate, secure and hands-free sign-in for all people entering your premises.

Automated Alerts

Staff can focus on other high impact work, with the confidence that they will be notified if they are required.
Getting compliant with Fair Work and Covid
Organisations have a responsibility to provide fair conditions and safe work environments for their employees, and any visitors that come onto their premises. Government requirements are constantly evolving, and it can be hard to keep up with new requirements and how to ensure you comply with them. Here are some key facts you need to know:

Staff must clock on and off

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has changed the rules about annualised wage arrangements in several awards. From 1st March 2020, it will be compulsory for employers to keep a record of the starting and finishing times of workers, including any unpaid breaks they take. This is compulsory for all salaried staff covered by these awards earning up to $148,700.

The full list of awards affected is available here.

Physical Distancing

SafeWork Australia advises that to maintain workplace safety standards, there must be a minimum of 4sqm of floor space per person in a building.

This will require immediate, and constant record keeping of who is onsite at a private premise at all times, to ensure total people limits are being met.


As individuals start returning to office buildings, or visiting other workplace sites, obtaining a declaration from each person to confirm that they are complying with your health and safety standards is a critical risk mitigation tool.

Many workplace environments will have specific declaration requirements, such as mandating all individuals have an up to date flu vaccination to enter a site, or to confirm that they have not been overseas in a certain period of time, or to have their temperature checked on entry.

LoopSafe helps you get compliant
LoopSafe helps organisations sign-in and register visitors, contractors and staff, ensuring records are accurate and that only those with permission are on site.
LoopSafe’s technology ensures organisations have an accurate record of everyone on-site at all times, that all required screening questions are obtained for entry, and that total person limit requirements are met – all automatically, in the one holistic system.
LoopKiosk provides a simple and secure hands-free staff clock on/off solution which can be integrated with payroll systems, and complete a body temperature reading of all people during sign-in. Give confidence to your employees that their place of work is safe from illness.
The LoopSafe system includes automated notifications and email alerts, to immediately stop a person from sign in via a LoopKiosk and to notify designated staff.

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