LoopSafe Customer
Referral Discount Program

Any current LoopSafe customer (“Referring Customer”) in good financial standing that actively participates in the LoopSafe Customer Referral Discount Program is eligible to make referrals.

All Referred Leads must be submitted to LoopSafe via an approved mechanism*; All Referred Leads will be reviewed within 5 business days of receipt and if successful will be date stamped upon successful registration as the date the referral was submitted to LoopSafe. 

The Referring Customer is responsible for obtaining permission from the Referred Lead to be entered as a referral and to be contacted by LoopSafe.

If multiple referrals for the same Referred Lead are received, they will be reviewed in order from the date of valid and complete referral submission to the Registration Form.

A valid referral is the first referral entered for a Referred Lead Organisation (a) not already known to LoopSafe; or (b) associated with a LoopSafe account that has been inactive for at least 6 months from the date of referral.

A referral will be successful if it is valid and the Referred Lead submits an Order Form Agreement for LoopSafe products within 12 months from the date of referral. If the Referred Lead fails to complete payment of the associated purchase invoice issued, the Referring Customer will no longer be eligible to receive associated discount benefits.

For each successful referral, LoopSafe will apply a discount to the Referring Customers next LoopSafe annual subscription fees to the value of 10% of the Referred Leads Year 1 LoopSafe software fees. The discount will be applied to the Referring Customers next annual LoopSafe software subscription invoice after the referred Customer completes payment of the associated purchase invoice.

The LoopSafe Customer Referral Discount Program is offered at LoopSafe’s sole discretion and is subject to change or termination at any time without notice.

*Accepted Referral Mechanisms:

  • Notify LoopSafe of a referral you would like to register by providing the contact and organisation details to LoopSafe via email (info@loopsafe.net) or phone (03) 9381 7897
  • Submit the referral form at https://www.loopsafe.net/customer-referral-lead-registration
    You can share this form link with any contacts in your network, so anyone can register referrals to gain benefits for your organisation 
  • If you have a referral contact who wishes to contact LoopSafe directly, they can do so by: