We are pleased to announce LoopSafe’s partnership with Message Media to automate SMS alerts sent from your LoopSafe system. This builds on LoopSafe’s existing email alert functionality, ensuring that staff members are immediately alerted if there is a high temperature reading at a LoopKiosk+ Thermal device, or if an individual fails a screening question or is missing a required document for entry to your organisation.

This partnership is born from LoopSafe’s focus to ensure staff members can confidently go about their work, while knowing that they will be immediately alerted if they are required at a sign in location at their premises.

Message Media is the market leader for business SMS services in Australia and New Zealand, helping organisations better engage with their communities and customers. 

Are you an existing LoopSafe Customers and would like to learn how to activate SMS? Send us an email at support@looplearn.net 

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