The pressures on aged care services have been relentless during the pandemic. In particular small and medium providers, already operating with constrained staff resources, have struggled with the volume of additional admin and the need to supervise entry points to ensure that the correct entry screening processes are being followed by visitors and employees coming on site.

That is why we were excited to hear about the Round 2 funding specifically aimed at supporting the business improvement for our small to medium sized aged care providers and thought we would help spread the word. 

The Australian Government has allocated $22,000,000 for short-term grants to support small to medium size providers (7 or fewer facilities) located in regional, rural and remote areas 

Other providers who operate a facility in a thin market or provide facilities to under-service, specialised or complex-needs cohorts (even in a metropolitan setting) may also be considered for funding. 

Applications close on the 30th March, 2022. 

Eligible Aged Care Providers can apply for the Business Improvement Fund ‑ Round 2 through the GrantConnect website