LoopSafe makes it simpler, quicker, and more efficient for organisations to ensure the health and safety of their communities and people in their care.
Who we are
LoopSafe was established by two Australians passionate about helping organisations deliver the best care to their communities.

With backgrounds of developing education technologies for schools, they saw a genuine need for solutions that could help organisations with a duty of care for others to know who was on site, when, without invading a persons privacy. They worked together to invent new technologies to support providers in this way, and have since grown out LoopSafe’s functionality to automate administration processes – meeting specific needs for the education and aged care industries.

Great organisations provide environments that their communities feel safe in and trust. LoopSafe helps businesses, education and care providers know who is on their premises, be confident that all people are authorised and safe to be there, and have an efficient system that alerts staff if any person is at risk.

LoopSafe was established by people passionate about helping organisations deliver the best care to their communities and anyone on their premises.

Commitment to Customers

We view our customers as part of our team. Their success is our success. Their pains are our pains, and we will work together to create effective solutions that make a positive impact.


We promote respect for all people in how we work, communicate and innovate. We respect every person’s right to privacy and focus on building solutions that protect a persons privacy.


We believe we are accountable for what we do as individuals, as well as a team. This drives us to deliver the best results possible for everything we put our minds to.

AI for Good

We design AI solutions that are people-centred and purpose-driven. Every element of AI we incorporate into our solutions is carefully evaluated to ensure it has a limited, defined scope of purpose that delivers only a positive impact.


We actively collaborate with the markets we serve to ensure we are constantly innovating new solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


We trust our customers, partners and team mates and believe that the core of all trust is honesty.