Helping Organisations Deliver Great Care To Their Communities

Sign In

Automated sign-in processes for all members of a community, including staff, visitors, and community members such as students or residents.

Visitor Management

Be confident that every visitor on-site is authorised to be there with an automated declaration and requirement checks and smart visitor scheduling.

Health & Safety

TGA certified body temperature check and hands-free sign-in processes, to ensure your community is safe for all members.
ARTG ID: 376450


Real-time alerts and notifications to staff and visitors to ensure they are aware of what they need to know immediately.
What We Do
LoopSafe makes it simpler, quicker, and more efficient for organisations to ensure the health and safety of their communities and people in their care.
Great organisations provide environments that all people can feel safe and trust, including employees and visitors.
Some organisations have a specific duty of care for others – such as childcare centres, schools, aged care facilities, and other care providers.
LoopSafe helps organisations know who is on-premise, be confident that all people are authorised and safe to be there, and have an efficient system that alerts staff if a person is at risk.
LoopSafe makes it simpler, quicker, and more efficient for organisations to ensure the health and safety of their communities and people in their care.

For Education and Childcare

Schools and childcare centres ensure that every child is accounted for and safe on campus. Learn how LoopSafe supports educators to automate previously manual processes, so more time can be spent on student education and engagement.

For Care Providers

Aged care facilities deliver great care to some of society’s most vulnerable individuals, making hygiene and visitor management a crucial part of their care. Learn how LoopSafe is helping aged care providers deliver a new high standard of care.

For Business

Organisations of all types and sizes need simple solutions to clock-on staff, sign in visitors, and ensure their workplaces are safe for their whole community. Learn how LoopSafe is streamlining solutions for a range of organisations.
The LoopKiosk allows an organisation’s members, staff and visitors to quickly and easily take attendance or sign in/out, with a broad range of flexible and innovative functionality.
LoopSafe’s proprietary facial recognition technology creates a seamless user experience and options for hands-free sign in. It’s TGA certified temperature sensor (ARTG ID: 376450) checks that each persons body temperature is in a healthy range, and easily configure screening questions based on the type of person (e.g staff vs visitor).
Easily manage your LoopSafe devices, sign in books, screening questions, visitor schedule, automated notification settings plus more via the easy to use LoopSafe Web Console.
LoopSafe can be used independently as a staff/visitor/member sign-in log and visitor management system, or easily integrate to other systems to enhance your digital ecosystem.
Privacy is Our Differentiator
LoopSafe’s focus on privacy and security makes it the only technology suitable for organisations where privacy is paramount – in particular, aged care facilities, schools, universities, childcare centres, government, and other similar organisations.
Privacy and security are central to everything LoopSafe does, and its technology.
All LoopSafe products are fully compliant with Australian privacy requirements and meet high-security standards.
Trusted by
Leading Organisations
LoopSafe is trusted by leading care organisations of all sizes, including: